Printable Grocery List Saves Trips to the Store

printable grocery list

I’ve been using printable grocery lists for years. When I’m in a hurry (almost always!) my handwriting is so bad no one can read it, including me. Because the list reminds me of basic needs, we rarely run out of things. That saves extra trips to the store, which is especially important these days. I use button-style magnets to attach the list and a pen to the refrigerator. When someone uses the last of anything they circle it. On grocery day all I have to do is remember to grab the list on my way out the door.

Why use a grocery list?

So you don’t run out of staples
To minimize trips to the grocery store
To save time at the store
So someone else can do the shopping

Here’s a printable grocery list you can personalize

If you use Microsoft Word, you should be able to download, personalize and print the list. To save time, I organize my list in the order things are found in the grocery store. No backtracking because I passed the peanut butter two aisles ago! If someone else does your grocery shopping you can add brand, size and other preferences. I print several lists at a time so they’re handy when I need a fresh one. Click the link below to download the list.

Grocery List

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  1. Lin Coonan says:

    Jackie, this is fantastic! Very helpful, especially in the midst of this pandemic.

  2. Elaine says:

    The grocery list comes at a very good time as we try to get in and out of stores as fast as

  3. carol gardner says:

    Love this grocery list. I’ve printed several copies. Thanks