Use HabiLinks Guide When You’re Looking for Information, Not “Stuff.”

HabiLinks is a human-edited guide. It helps you find the most useful lifestyle information on the web fast, in about two clicks.
We created it because although the internet is full of great resources, page after page of search results can be too much of a good thing!
For example, a traditional search for “credit card comparisons” returns 23 million results. The truly useful links are often buried among page after page of questionable results and ads. Who has time to scroll through those pages and click a lot of links to find the most useful resource? We do!

About HabiLinks, Lifestyle Links You Can Really Use.

What are “lifestyle links?” They are links that help with the personal parts of life. The way you live. We search for links in eighteen lifestyle categories. Only the most useful ones become a HabiLink, one of the chosen few. And since HabiLinks are chosen for content quality, never paid, we can be very picky. No matter what kind of help you’re looking for on the road of life, from wedding planning to applying for social security, HabiLinks delivers carefully chosen links you can really use.

HabiLinks Categories

What Makes a Link a HabiLink:

  • Unpaid and chosen by humans, not algorithms
  • Informative, relevant and up-to-date content
  • Easy access to the info you’re looking for
  • Few distractions like pop-up ads, subscription requests or annoying audio
  • Well written
  • Site is in good working order
  • Family friendly

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