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Print a Stain Removal Chart for Washable Clothes

Unhappy woman with ketchup on shirt needs a stain removal chart
Anyone who does laundry can use a stain removal guide for washable clothes. Especially me. It seems like every time I  have a squeeze bottle of mustard in my hand it ends up everywhere except the intended target. Once the whole ... Read More

Springtime Allergies? Here’s Some Help

allergies, woman suffering from
Spring has sprung and so have your allergies? The birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. It’s spring, glorious spring. Unfortunately, for those of us with springtime allergies, it’s also time to break out the hankies. I’ve suffered from “hay ... Read More

2021 Tax Return Changes & Tips

2021 Tax Return Changes & Tips
Haven’t filed your 2021 tax return yet? Here are some changes & tips you should know about. Whether you do your tax returns by hand, use software, or hire a professional, only you can gather the info needed. Before starting, be ... Read More