Spice Up Your S.I.P Life

spice up your S.I.P. life

Want to spice up your S.I.P. life? I’ve been tackling projects I would skip if life were normal. The latest? Cleaning out my spice drawer. The cardamon seeds had been there since the last time I made Swedish Glogg for the holidays…about 20 years ago. When I popped open the crystalized ginger I was just as petrified as IT was! The clean out took less than fifteen minutes. The practical, culinary and aesthetic rewards were worth it. Here’s the game plan:

Learn how long dried spices and herbs last.

When it comes to “use by” dates, all spices and herbs aren’t created equal. Many brands don’t even include a “Use by” or “Best by” date on the label. Here’s some good advice and a simple guide from McCormick & Company. You can copy and print the “Shelf Life of Spices” chart to keep near your spices.

Take inventory.

  • Take the jars out and line them up alphabetically.
  • Set aside the ones you use but suspect are past their prime.
  • Toss the the ones you’ll rarely if ever use.
  • Make a shopping list for ones to replace. SpiceBarn is a great resource.

Use a permanent marker to note the “Date Opened” and put your spices and herbs back where they belong.

If you store your spices horizontally note “Date Opened” on the front label. If you store them vertically use a round sticky label or piece of tape on the lid to note contents and “Date Opened.” From now on when you use a spice you’ll know if it’s still good.

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