What to Give on Halloween Besides Candy

Little girl in halloween costume trick or treat at door




While my kids were growing up, the family home was on Washington Street in San Francisco. To call it “Halloween Central” would be an understatement. Ant-like ribbons of ghosts, goblins and all manner of creatures climbed the stairs, trick or treating well past dark. The last time I counted I had dished out 700 pieces of candy. I was the meanie on the block, always asking trick or treaters to say “thank you” and take only ONE!

A teal pumpkin indicates non-candy treats are offered.

A teal colored pumpkin on the front porch indicates that alternatives to candy are being offered. This is a very thoughtful gesture for kids who don’t eat candy, whether it’s because of food allergies or other health concerns.  Since real pumpkins don’t come in “teal” here’s where you can get one: teal pumpkins.

If you prefer not to give candy, here are some alternatives:

I like to fill a big basket with a variety of things and let the kids choose. If you do a web search for these and want to stick to the holiday theme, precede your search term with “Halloween,” as in “Halloween pencils.”

bouncy balls
bubble wands
Cracker Jacks
finger puppets
fruit leather
glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces
Goldfish snack packs
juice boxes
mandarin oranges
microwave popcorn
flashlights, mini
mini glider airplanes
slinkys, mini
yo-yos, mini
pencil toppers
punch balloons
raisin mini boxes
slap bracelets
spider rings
stretchy flying bats
sugarless gum
temporary tattoos
vampire teeth

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