Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

cell phone etiquette

Here’s a link to some useful cell phone etiquette tips. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. For example they suggest that talking while walking down the street is bad manners. If you’re not bothering anyone, why not? Getting friends and family to adopt good cell phone manners may not be easy but you can start by setting a good example. Just because everyone else is glued to their screens doesn’t mean you have to be! Start an interesting conversation.  It’s worth a try. You may be surprised how fast the cell phones get put away.

My pet cell phone etiquette peeves:

  • Long, loud conversations in a waiting room or any form of transportation. (A plane, bus, car, elevator…)
  • Forgetting to turn off the ringer at an event.
  • Taking and posting an unattractive photo of me on social media. Have a heart.
  • Having the sound turned up on your earbuds so I can hear what you’re listening to.

One last tip: Tip: Sharing the cell phone etiquette link with your teenager may be easier than trying to talk to them about it!

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