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Get This Emergency Information List Free Today

Emergency Information list pages fanned out on yellow background
In recognition of “Get Organized Month” (January) I’m offering the Emergency Information list from Habitudes, our sister site, free to HabiTalk subscribers. Even if you think you don’t need it, download it today. It only takes a couple of minutes and ... Read More

How to Get Free Covid Tests

Photo, boxes of Covid at home tests
Free Covid tests are available again thanks to the U.S. government. Now that cool weather and the holiday season have arrived we’ll spend more time indoors and at large gatherings. So don’t wait until a possible Covid surge to stock up ... Read More

What to Give on Halloween Besides Candy

Little girl in halloween costume trick or treat at door
While my kids were growing up, the family home was on Washington Street in San Francisco. To call it “Halloween Central” would be an understatement. Ant-like ribbons of ghosts, goblins and all manner of creatures climbed the stairs, trick or treating ... Read More