Month: September 2021

The New Real ID Deadline

The new real ID deadline

  The government’s deadline for U.S. citizens to be Real ID compliant has changed from Oct 1, 2021 to May 3, 2023. At that time U.S citizens will need to present a Real ID or valid U.S. passport to board domestic flights, access certain federal facilities or visit U.S. military installations. What’s a “Real ID” and who needs one? A Real ID is a state-issued driver’s license or identification card that meets increased federal security standards. Real ID’s have a star on the upper right corner. If you have a valid U.S. passport you don’t necessarily need a Real ID, but I highly recommend having both. If you depend on your passport and accidentally let it expire or lose it, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise next time you try to board a commercial airline. Tip: If you plan to use your passport, make sure it’s valid for the duration of your trip. And check the expiration date way ahead. Renewals can take 4 months! Here’s a link to passport info in case you need it: U.S. Department of State. As of May 3, 2023 anyone 18 or older will need a Real ID to fly without a passport. Kids under […]

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