Month: January 2022

Sell, Donate, Recycle or Dispose of Your Stuff

sell, donate, recycle. dispose of stuff

Life as we knew it is a distant memory. And we’re still at home a lot.  Why not use the time to declutter? Hopefully, we’ll be out of Covid jail soon. Then, just think how good it will feel to come home to extra closet, cabinet and garage space. You’ll find more helpful links under “Decluttering” in the Home & Garden section of HabiLinks. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find this list useful when you want to sell, donate, recycle or dispose of your stuff. Where to Sell Stuff Tips Before selling high value or possibly collectible items consider hiring a local appraiser. See “The Most Valuable Vinyl Records of All Time.” You shouldn’t have to pay a dealer for an “appraisal” just to get an offer. Almost anything  facebook (con’t)                Art & collectibles  or local auction houses. Books                  or local used book stores. Books, rare       or local rare book dealers. China  & crystal Clothing, top label Collectibles, small Furniture                   […]

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