Month: December 2018

Quick Gift Ideas

Get ideas for last minute gifts

Need quick gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Gifts don’t need to be fancy or expensive. Any gift with a personal touch will be appreciated. Time is running short, but here are some ideas to help check off those last items on your shopping list. Music: CD’s or gift certificates for online digital music sources such as iTunes. Gourmet foods and spices: A selection from the specialty foods section of your market. Everyone has to eat! Books: Buy online or take your shopping list to your local independent book store. Donate to a friend or family member’s favorite charity in their name. Subscriptions: Give a subscription to a magazine based on their interests. Cooking, sports, stamp collecting…you get the idea. Buy a current edition and wrap it up with a note. Gift certificates: Consider giving a gift certificate for something they wouldn’t splurge on themselves. You’ll find gift certificates or cards for stores and services at many websites, supermarkets and pharmacies. You could also make your own gift certificates.  How about a babysitting gift certificate for your adult children? Or a gift certificate for an outing for an elderly (or not!) friend? Gift box: Out of time? Head […]

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