Month: February 2019

Learn How to Stop Robocalls and Texts

Stop robocalls and texts

Do you want to know how to stop robocalls and texts? Whether it’s a mobile phone or land line, you’ve probably answered a call that’s an unwanted sales pitch or recorded message. There are laws against unwanted calls and text messages, but marketers and scam artists find ways to get around the rules faster than they can be updated. What you should know about robocalls and texts Not all robocalls are illegal. For instance, market research or polling calls to home land lines are not restricted by FCC rules. Calls on behalf of non-profit groups and calls informing you of things like school closings or flight information are allowed without consent. With a few exceptions auto-dialed or prerecorded calls to wireless phones are prohibited without prior consent. Emergency calls regarding danger to life or safety are allowed. What you can do to limit or stop robocalls and texts Visit the FCC guide for the latest tips on how to stop unwanted robocalls and texts. Register with the U.S. government Do Not Call List. If the caller is a real person ask them to add you to their “do not call” list before hanging up. Don’t interact with robocalls. Hang up. […]

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A Printable Wine and Food Pairing Chart

Printable Wine and Food Chart

You’d think a printable wine and food pairing chart would be easy to find. I spent hours searching online before finding the one I like. It’s compliments of the Grosvenor Market in Rockville, Maryland. The chart is simple, on one page and printable. I keep a copy in my bar next to the wine rack. To get the chart click here: Printable Wine and Food Chart Discover more links you can really use The internet is full of great resources, but page after page of search results can be too much of a good thing! We search for useful information in eighteen lifestyle categories, so you don’t have to. When we find the link with the most useful content it becomes a HabiLink, one of the chosen few! Unlike other web directories, we don’t accept payment for listings. We simply think they’re the best at what they do. You’ll find the chart and more helpful info in the Food and Beverages category at HabiLinks. If you’re looking for a printable wine and food pairing chart depend on HabiLinks for a link you can really use.      

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