Month: July 2020

Fruits and Vegetables in Season

fruits ad vegetables in season

Using fruits and vegetables in season. I’m taking advantage of sheltering in place to try some new recipes and brush up on my cooking skills. For breakfast this morning I enjoyed an outrageously juicy, sweet nectarine with yogurt and granola. It reminded me how much more delicious fruits and vegetables are when in their peak seasons. Only problem is I don’t always remember what’s in season when. So I printed the lists at and put them near my recipes to help me remember. An “in season” chart that’s a work of art. While searching for the best list of seasonal fruits and vegetables I discovered a beautiful art print by artist Anne Mahler. Available in sizes from extra small (8″x 10″) to extra large (28″ x 37″),  prices range from  $22.99 to $61.99 for unframed prints. Check them out at Find more links you can really use at HabiLinks Curated Guide. The internet is full of great resources, but page after page of search results can be too much of a good thing. We search for useful information in eighteen lifestyle categories, so you don’t have to. Only then, when we find the link with the most useful […]

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Spice Up Your S.I.P Life

spice up your S.I.P. life

Want to spice up your S.I.P. life? I’ve been tackling projects I would skip if life were normal. The latest? Cleaning out my spice drawer. The cardamon seeds had been there since the last time I made Swedish Glogg for the holidays…about 20 years ago. When I popped open the crystalized ginger I was just as petrified as IT was! The clean out took less than fifteen minutes. The practical, culinary and aesthetic rewards were worth it. Here’s the game plan: Learn how long dried spices and herbs last. When it comes to “use by” dates, all spices and herbs aren’t created equal. Many brands don’t even include a “Use by” or “Best by” date on the label. Here’s some good advice and a simple guide from McCormick & Company. You can copy and print the “Shelf Life of Spices” chart to keep near your spices. Take inventory. Take the jars out and line them up alphabetically. Set aside the ones you use but suspect are past their prime. Toss the the ones you’ll rarely if ever use. Make a shopping list for ones to replace. SpiceBarn is a great resource. Use a permanent marker to note the “Date Opened” and put […]

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The Truth About Covid

Coronavirus photo

What’s the truth about the Covid virus? There are so many conflicting “facts,” it’s hard to know who to believe. The only thing that’s certain is the information changes every day. I checked the World Health Organization website for information, but lost confidence in it. The home page states “These materials are regularly updated based on new scientific findings as the epidemic evolves. Last updated 29 April 2020.” Really? April 29? That’s over two months ago! The Centers for Disease Control website is updated daily. After exploring the options, I decided the most trustworthy source of information is the CDC website. It’s the best place to get the facts about symptoms, who’s at risk, how to protect yourself, what to do if you’re sick and testing. The site also provides the latest number of cases in the country, your state and county. To sign up for email updates on the latest news, click on “More,” then click “Guidance Documents.” Learn the latest Covid developments. The doctors are in. If knowing about the virus itself isn’t enough, check out Brief It’s a daily review of the latest Covid-19 research and policy written by several doctors, including editor-in-chief Jeremy Samuel Faust, MD.. Dr. Faust […]

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