Month: November 2019

Turkey Shortcuts You’ll Give Thanks For

turkey safety tips represented by carved turkey

I used to spend days preparing for and making Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. The stuffing was never as good as mom’s. I finally asked for the recipe. I was so surprised by her answer: Stove Top®, with a few added touches! These days I use several tried and true turkey shortcuts. I don’t have to worry about wrestling a hot, whole turkey out of the oven, spooning out the dressing, carving it and making the gravy. Now I can enjoy the party, too. Turkey shortcut: Make it ahead This recipe suggests roasting the turkey a day ahead. I actually find it easier to do it Thanksgiving morning. Then you reheat it for an hour before you expect to sit down at the table. The broth added while reheating keeps the meat succulent and moist. Here’s the recipe: Turkey stuffing shortcut: Stove top This link offers several suggestions for dressing up (pun intended) stuffing kits. If you don’t want to reveal your secret, hide the stuffing box at the bottom of the kitchen trash can. Here’s the link: Turkey gravy shortcut: From a jar. They’ll never know. Don’t skimp here, buy the best gravy from a trusted brand. This […]

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