Tech Privacy Settings to Change Now

tech privacy settings

The constant invasion of my privacy by devices, apps and websites I use is driving me crazy. Wrinkle remedies, an incessant jingle begging me to donate my car to Kars4Kids, and a reminder that Alzheimer’s may be just around the corner are just a few unwanted “messages” I’m subjected to every day. It may be too late, but I’m going to follow the advice in “The Default Tech Settings You Should Turn Off Right Away,” by the New York Times. It’s attached below.

Default Tech Privacy Settings To Change Now

This article, written by Brian X. Chen of the New York Times, tells you how to turn off certain default tech privacy settings on Apple and Android phones, Google web services, Facebook,  Amazon’s websites and devices and Microsoft Windows. I’m going to change my settings right now. I’ve got my fingers crossed. We’ll see what happens. If you’ve got any more tech privacy tips, please share them in the Comments section below.

The Default Tech Settings You Should Turn Off Right Away – The New York Times

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  1. Valerie Raskin says:

    Very informative and helpful. Thanks

    1. Jackie says:

      Hope these suggestions work. The rules, instructions and requirements for the tech we use seem to change by the hour. At some point people may decide it’s not worth it! I’m getting close to spending more time fixing, reading instructions, agreeing to “changes in privacy policies,” finding important emails buried in spam, etc., than the time I spend using the tech for it’s intended purpose. Off to read the 292 page instructions for my new Apple Watch 🤣.