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Emergency Supplies Road Trip List

Emergency supplies for a road trip. Young family packing for car travel.

You’ll want to have emergency supplies for your road trip, whether you’re driving “over the river and through the woods” to grandmother’s house, or just an hour or two from home. See the suggestions below. You probably don’t need all of these things. (If you live in Hawaii you don’t need an ice scraper!) But check for necessities. You might also want to keep a magnetic spare key case under the car. If I missed something, let me know in “Comments.” Emergency supplies for the glove compartment or console Tip: Remove your address on glove compartment copies of documents instructions, what to do after an accident proof of insurance (copy) registration card (copy) critical medical info emergency contact info roadside assistance contact info cell phone car charger pen & notebook pepper spray road map small flashlight wet wipes compass window breaker & seat belt cutter Emergency supplies to keep in the trunk Tip: Check items that expire, like food and batteries, every 6 months to a year spare tire, jack & lug wrench instructions, how to change a tire battery jumper cable instructions, how to use a jumper cable emergency flares reflective triangles reflective vest “HELP” banner heavy duty flashlight […]

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Garage Door Openers in a Power Outage

garage door openers

If you have an electric garage door opener it’s important to read the instructions. If there’s a power outage you may have to lift the garage door manually. Most systems have a pull cord to disconnect the door from the opener. Make sure you know where it is and how use it. I learned the hard way one day when there was an outage and it was my turn to drive the soccer carpool. When I went to get the car I couldn’t open the garage door. Another mom came to my rescue, but I wish I’d known about the pull cord. It’s a good idea to try it before you need it. After you disconnect the door make sure you’re physically able to lift it. Garage doors can weigh 600 pounds or more! If the opener doesn’t have battery backup consider replacing it. Many of the new electronic garage door openers come with backup batteries. A new California law, effective July 1, 2019, requires homeowners installing new electronically operated garage doors to have openers with battery backup technology. Whether it’s the law or not, openers with battery backup are a good idea. Make sure all the adults in your […]

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