Sell, Donate, Recycle or Dispose of Your Stuff

sell, donate, recycle. dispose of stuff

Life as we knew it is a distant memory. And we’re still at home a lot.  Why not use the time to declutter? Hopefully, we’ll be out of Covid jail soon. Then, just think how good it will feel to come home to extra closet, cabinet and garage space. You’ll find more helpful links under “Decluttering” in the Home & Garden section of HabiLinks. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find this list useful when you want to sell, donate, recycle or dispose of your stuff.

Where to Sell Stuff

Before selling high value or possibly collectible items consider hiring a local appraiser.
See “The Most Valuable Vinyl Records of All Time.”
You shouldn’t have to pay a dealer for an “appraisal” just to get an offer.

Almost anything       ebay.com  craiglist.com  facebook marketplace.com
(con’t)                         etsy.com   nextdoor.com

Art & collectibles      ebay.com     etsy.com  or local auction houses.

Books                          decluttr.com  or local used book stores.

Books, rare                abebooks.com or local rare book dealers.

China  & crystal        replacements.com

Clothing, top label   thredup.com  poshmark.com   tradesy.com

Collectibles, small    replacements.com

Furniture                   Local consignment or used furniture stores.

High value items      ebay or local auction houses.

Household items      nextdoor.com or have a garage or yard sale.

Jewelry, high-end     Local estate jewelry dealers or auction houses.

Luxury goods            therealreal.com  Clothing, jewelry, watches, home.

Rugs, high value       Local auction houses or rug dealers.

Gold & silver             Search online for “gold & silver buyers (your city).” Get a least 2 offers.
(con’t)                         Expect 70%-85% of value for scrap or up to 90% for saleable items.

Recordings                decluttr.com Offer CDs, vinyl, video games, movies & tapes to a vintage record store.
(con’t)                         Don’t miss the link under “Where to Sell.”

Silver flatware          replacements.com

Tech, Apple              gazelle.com   apple.com  Get a credit for Apple purchases or an Apple gift card.

Tech, various           decluttr.com  itsworthmore.com

Tech, trade in          bestbuy.com   amazon.com  Trade in for gift cards.

Wedding dresses    etsy.com or search online for “sell wedding dress.”

Places to Donate Stuff

Goodwill and Salvation Army have temporarily discontinued pick up services due to Covid health concerns.
Before loading up the car consult thrift store websites for items they will and won’t accept.

Books                         prisonbookprogram.org or donate to a library, thrift shop, retirement home, or school.

Clothing                     goodwill.org   salvationarmyusa.org

Computers                digitunity.org    Donate laptops, desktops or tablets to non-profits.

Electronics                epa.gov

Eyeglasses                 respectacle.org

Furniture                   furniturebanks.org  Donate furniture to needy families.

Household goods     goodwill.org   salvationarmyusa.org

Medical equipment  med-eq.org  Donate lightly used home medical equipment.

Musical instruments instrumentsinthecloud.org  Donate instruments to local schools.

Professional attire    dressforsuccess.org    Donate women’s professional attire.

Prom dresses            wgirls.org  Temporarily not accepting dresses. Check back in a few months.

Recordings                Offer age and genre appropriate recordings to schools and libraries.
(con’t)                         Don’t miss the link under “Where to Sell.”

Sheet music              Donate to music schools or a library

Sneakers                   nike.com  Drop off any brand at participating stores.

Towels & blankets   Donate to a local animal shelter, humane society or homeless shelter.

Wedding dresses     https://www.bridesacrossamerica.com  Donate to military and first responders.

Vehicles                     careasy.org All vehicles considered. Donate to a non-profit of your choice.

Where to Recycle Stuff

Apple devices            apple.com

Clothing                     fordays.com   Earn a store credit in return for recycling unused clothing.

Denim                        bluejeansgogreen.org  Denim is repurposed for things like insulation.

Electronics                 epa.gov

Household items      nextdoor.com    freecycle.org   Give what you have and don’t need.

Learn about               epa.gov  Learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Mattresses                 Bye Bye Mattress Directory  lists mattress recyclers by state.
(con’t)                         Ask your scavenger if they pick up mattresses.

Textiles                      Some thrift stores will recycle unusable clothing and textiles. They sell them to
(con’t)                         textile recyclers who use them for things like carpet padding, insulation and toy stuffing.

Places to Dispose of Stuff

Electronic waste      Consult your scavenger.

Hazardous waste     Paint, toxics, batteries, chemicals, lightbulbs, etc.. Check your scavenger
(con’t)                        for their policies. It may be possible to arrange for home pick up.

Household items      1800gotjunk.com or search online for “junk hauling” for more local services.

Large items               Ask your local scavenger if they offer bulky item pick-ups.

Everything else        The last resort is the garbage dump/landfill. Search online for “garbage dump.”
(con’t)                        But we hope it doesn’t come to that!

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    This is a fantastic resource for someone who is down-sizing and doesn’t know where to start. Thank You!