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Oops! I’m So Sorry!

Hand writing, Oops!

  If you got a HabiTalk post notification email on Saturday with no subject and no link to a blog post, I’m so sorry. The system is set to notify you when I create a new blog post, once or twice a month. The problem is, I didn’t write a blog post on Saturday. Something went haywire with our web publishing software. Our mission is to save you time by providing “links you can really use,” not to waste it. Our developer is looking into what triggered the bogus blog notification. We’re determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Tips & links that could come in handy this month: How to look your best on Zoom. To Zoom or not to Zoom? That’s not a question, these days it’s almost an imperative. We’re all kind of new at this webcam stuff. Assuming you want to look your best, here are some great tips on how to look good on Zoom. For basic Zoom “how-to” instructions see the  Zoom Help Center. And now that you’re looking your best and comfortable with the basics, up your game and learn how to use Zoom like a pro. Mortgage rates are low, low, low. […]

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