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What Your Family Needs to Know

I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce Habitudes, our new personal records website. Starting with What My Family Should Know and Emergency Information, our mission is to offer the most useful personal record keeping documents on the web. Some of you may remember our original website, with earlier versions of our record keepers. Due to insurmountable technical problems we shut down the site a year ago, determined to create a more user-friendly system for keeping household records. This time we think we got it right. What Makes Habitudes Personal Record Keepers Unique Of course, you could type up personal records yourself, hire an assistant at $20-$60 per hour, buy or subscribe to record keeping software or download other forms. And you can always look for other record keepers. But why waste your time? Few, if any, offer all of these advantages: Download today Easy to use with popular word processors No tricky tech to learn Customizable Printable Shareable Comprehensive Compatible with your devices Attachment friendly No subscription needed What My Family Needs to Know Keeps Vital Info in One Place What My Family Needs to Know isn’t just for the executor of your estate. Running a household, whether it’s just you or […]

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