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Cloud Backup or Storage, What’s the Use?

Cloud backup or storage use

Thinking about using cloud backup or storage services, but confused about what “cloud” computing is? “Cloud computing” conjures up images like the one on the left. But it simply refers to accessing technology services offered by providers via the internet instead of buying and maintaining your own hardware or software.   Protect your data against these threats Years ago my daughter spilled an entire cup of coffee on her laptop. All of her photos were gone. I found a service to restore most of them to a CD and surprised her with it on Christmas morning. Her tears of joy were well worth the substantial amount of time and money spent. These days our computers are threatened by more than a cup of coffee. For example: Computer theft Computer failure Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes Ransomware, malware and hacker attacks Fire What to back up Take a look at the content on your computer. What data would you hate to lose? Everyone uses their devices differently, but here are the files I make sure to back up: Photos Music library Financial records and budget Emergency information Family history Travel info Household inventory Tax return copies Health records Contacts Business files Instructions for various […]

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