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Discuss the News in a Civil Manner.

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I admit I’m a news junkie. And whether on TV, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, or the internet I often want to discuss it. Can that possibly be true? Is it fake news? Is that a good idea? How would I feel if it happened to me? Sometimes I just want to say “What a great idea!” But it’s hard to find people to talk to in the moment. So when I feel strongly about news I’ve seen, heard or read,  I leave a comment on Fiskkit to start a discussion. Fiskkit is an online platform for civil, fact-based and engaging discussions. On Fiskkit, I can discuss an article without boring (or offending!) friends over dinner or social media like Facebook. If I think a friend is interested, I suggest they sign up for Fiskkit where we can discuss the article and be joined by others who are truly interested. What’s different about Fiskkit is that it lets us comment on individual sentences instead of the article as a whole. That really helps because it focuses the discussion on specific points, and I can learn from other people who have left comments. Or, if I don’t feel like writing, I can also […]

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