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2023 Tax Return Changes & Tips

Tax Day 15th April Circled on a white calendar to illustrate blog post on 2023 tax return changes & tips

If, like me, you’re preparing to file your 2023 tax return, there are things you should know before you sign on the bottom line.  Most important, the deadline is Monday, April 15, 2024. And whether you do your taxes by hand, use software, or hire a professional, you’ll need to gather tax related income and expense documents and receipts. Of course, the best source of tax information is the Internal Revenue Service itself. But here are some 2023 tax return changes and tips to keep in mind while digging through your files. I hope they will make working on your returns a little less taxing (bad pun intended.) 2023 Tax Return Changes While reading through the IRS site for changes I found this announcement: “The IRS will end unannounced visits to taxpayers by agency revenue officers.” Whew! I didn’t know they could make surprise visits.  But I’m glad they finally came to their senses. Here are some other changes for 2023. For more information see IRS 2023 Tax Changes. Income Tax Brackets 37% for single taxpayers with incomes greater than $578,125 ($693,750 for married couples filing jointly) 35% for incomes over $231,250 ($462,500 for married couples filing jointly) 32% for […]

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