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Clueless About Texting Abbreviations & Acronyms? ME2!

image of texting acronyms & abbreviations

  If you’re perplexed by texting abbreviations, acronyms & initialisms, you’re not alone. In fact I got the idea for this article after receiving an email with the subject “Ready For Some IRL?” Huh? What the heck is IRL? I looked it up. It means “in real life.” Who knew? Certainly not me. So I set about researching texting abbreviations, acronyms & initialisms. They’re especially handy in this digital age, when we often need to communicate quickly via a tiny screen.   Here’s what I learned about acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms: The Difference Between Abbreviations, Acronyms & Initialisms Abbreviations are shortened forms of words. Examples include etc. (etcetera), and Nov. (November). Acronyms are a type of abbreviation which is pronounced as a word. Examples include RSVP, PIN (personal identification number), NIMBY (not in my backyard) and ZIP (zone improvement plan). Initialisms are a type of abbreviation consisting of the first letter or letters of a string of words. They aren’t pronounced as words. Examples include FBI, CIA and PR (public relations). One of my favorites is PIR (parent in room). I wonder if KIR (kid in room) will ever make the list :-). A List of Abbreviations You May Want to Know Note: To keep the length of […]

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