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Increase Your Vocab with Words of the Day

Online learning with words of the day

Having earned a living as a writer in a previous life, I pride myself on my English. Don’t get me wrong, I still make mistakes. But most of the time I realize something’s not right and look things up before I “publish.” That wasn’t the case when I told my friend Joan about my “word of the day” subscription. Asked for an example of a word I’d learned I said “denouement.” Actually, I said “dee-noo-ment.” She said “I think it’s pronounced ‘day-nu-ma,’ ” sounding appropriately French. Of course, she was right. Learn a new word every day. Hear the correct pronunciation. There are a lot of ways to learn “words of the day.” Just try searching online. You’ll get 5,160,000,000 results! I like Word Genius because it gets delivered right to my email inbox where I go every day anyway. It’s short, simple and includes an audio demonstration of the correct pronunciation. If I’d taken the extra two seconds to play the pronunciation demonstration of “denouement” I could have saved myself the embarrassment of mispronouncing it. Some common words you may be mispronouncing. People often mispronounce a word until someone corrects them. Here are some examples of common words you […]

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