Jackie Pettus, Founder

The People at HabiLinks Guide

Jackie Pettus, Founder

The “people” at HabiLinks include me, Jackie Pettus, and many talented consultants, contractors, developers, designers and SEO experts.

Although I had a successful career in advertising on Madison Avenue and in San Francisco, I eventually retired to be a “stay at home mom.” But managing a home and family of five turned out to be the hardest job I ever had! Almost every task I faced was something I was doing for the first time. So I learned the hard way, by trial and error. I read “how to” books and magazine articles. And I asked friends and family for advice.

Then, a decade later, the internet came to the rescue. I searched the web for help with the myriad of unfamiliar tasks I faced over the years. Sometimes the resources were reliable. Sometimes not. But I’m persistent. So I kept searching until I found web pages that were trustworthy.

Then, just when things finally seemed under control, the kids moved out.

So with an empty nest and a desire to share my hand-picked resources, I created HabiLinks. It’s the only curated, unpaid guide dedicated to finding useful lifestyle information on the web. Whether you’re busy outfitting a nursery or applying for social security, HabiLinks helps navigate the road of life with “lifestyle links you can really use.”

I have over a half century of experience in the lifestyle categories covered by HabiLinks.
That makes me a very good judge of what’s useful and what’s not.

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