HabiLinks is a curated web guide that helps people find truly useful lifestyle information fast, in about two clicks. Also, the site is home to the HabiTalk blog. The blog alerts subscribers to timely lifestyle tips and links. New blog posts are published once or twice a month.

Our Mission

The internet is a great resource, but searching for everyday information on the web can result in too much of a good thing. For example, a search for “credit card comparisons” returns 23 million results. The truly useful links are buried among page after page of questionable results and ads.

HabiLinks makes finding useful information easy. We search for links relating to lifestyle topics in eighteen categories. The most useful ones become HabiLinks, one of the chosen few. Since HabiLinks are chosen for content quality, not paid, we can afford to be very picky. We aim to deliver the information you’re looking for in two clicks.

What Makes a Link a HabiLink?

  • Informative, relevant and up-to-date content
  • Easy access to information
  • Well written (even a typo can disqualify a link)
  • Few distractions like pop-up ads, subscription requests or annoying audio
  • Family friendly
  • Unpaid and chosen by humans, not algorithms
  • An authoritative source
  • Site is in good working order

Lifestyle Categories


Jackie Pettus founded parent company Habitudes LLC in 2009. The company’s first product was a web based personal record keeping service. She included the HabiLinks Guide as a service to users. After developing a “life of its own” Pettus moved HabiLinks to its own site in 2018. HabiLinks is the only web guide of its kind. It features links that are curated, never paid, and dedicated to helping people find useful lifestyle information fast.