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tax return help

There was a time I didn’t need tax return help. My finances were so simple I could get a form at the post office, fill it out and mail it to the IRS the same day. These days my finances and IRS requirements are more complicated. So I pay a CPA to prepare and e-file my returns by the April 15 deadline. Almost everyone can use some help with tax returns. Here are some tips:

How to get federal income tax forms and publications

  • Online: IRS.gov
  • IRS  Taxpayer Assistance Centers
  • Order by phone: Call 1 800 829-3676 to order current year forms, instructions and publications.
  • Post offices and libraries: Some post offices and libraries have forms, but call to confirm before you go.

How to get state income tax forms and publications

  • Online: Search for “income tax forms” plus the name of your state
  • Post offices and libraries: Some post offices and libraries have forms, but call to confirm before you go.

Ways to file

Some tax deductions you might miss

If you itemize expenses make sure you include all the deductions you’re entitled to.
For a list of commonly overlooked deductions, click here.

Know which records to keep and which to toss

While you’re digging through your files, why not toss the info you don’t need anymore? For a list of which records you can toss and which to keep, click here.

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    The “what to keep and for how long” link is really helpful. Nice to have so many suggestions in one place. It’s something that I always struggle with — what to keep and for how long.