Tax Return Changes, Tips & Help

tax changes, tips & help represented by April 18 tax day calendar page


I published an article, “Tax Changes, Tips & Help for 2022 Returns,” a couple of weeks ago on HabiTalk. Due to a technical glitch, subscribers didn’t get the usual blog post notification. We’re working on a fix, but because the topic is so time sensitive and important, I created this new post, hoping the notification will reach my subscribers this time.  Click here to read Tax Changes, Tips & Help for 2022 Returns.

Next Month, Watch for “Timely Tips and Tidbits,” a New Kind of HabiTalk Blog Article

Some of you have subscribed to HabiTalk since it was part of Habitudes, our personal record keeping service. We were so disappointed when we had to discontinue the service because of technical problems with the website. But now that we’ve got the HabiLinks Guide and the HabiTalk Blog up and running on their own site, we’re working on a brand new Habitudes personal record keeping website. The new site will offer comprehensive personal record keepers that users can download and edit to their heart’s content. Users will store their personal records themselves, on their computer or favorite cloud storage system, so there won’t be any sign-up or subscription fee required.

While we’re working on the new site, blog articles may take on new form: “Timely Tips and Tidbits,” a digest of timely tips, alerts and seasonal reminders. It will be a quick read, but it’s a good idea to give “Timely Tips and Tidbits” careful attention. As always, our mission is to help you through the tasks you face every day with information you can really use.

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