A Gift of Holiday Songs

A gift of song


Music, especially singing, is a big part of my life. For twenty years, I’ve sung with a small vocal jazz ensemble, The High Seas. We haven’t rehearsed or performed since March, but we recorded some of our favorite holiday songs last year. I hope you enjoy this gift of holiday songs from The High Seas.


Three new recordings for your holiday music library

Let it Snow


Jingle Bells


Sing Dinga Dong

Holiday Songs by The High Seas

The High Seas
This picture was taken last year at one of many holiday gigs. Behind us, lit for the season, is San Francisco City Hall. Left to right: Jamie Collette, Jennifer Ekman, Nancy Svendsen, Janet Mansinne, Michelle Alessandria, Bill Keck (Director), Sarah McDonald, Karin Hern, Jackie Pettus, Karen Saghi


Lyrics, A Gift of Song, by Mason Williams

Mason Williams, guitarist extraordinaire, may be best known for his hit Classical Gas, but A Gift of Song is another favorite.  Here are the heartfelt lyrics. I found the recording on iTunes. You can probably find it on other online music resources as well.

A gift of song is a gift of love
Though how this is I cannot say
But who receives a gift of love
Must send it freely on its way

As I receive, so let me give
And live in joy, my whole life through
A gift of song is a gift of love
Here comes a gift of love for you

A gift of song is a gift of love
It falls to Earth, we know not where
But who receives a gift of love
It follows then that he must share

As I receive, so let me give
And live in joy, my whole life through


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